Looking For Gay Gifts For Your Boyfriend? 🎁 🌈

We don’t know about you, but any excuse to shop is an opportunity to get creative, especially when selecting something unique for the dude you love. Whether your mission is sleuthing out a birthday gift, holiday surprise, V-day or “Just because I adore you” present, our suggestions introduce you to a list of awesome gift ideas for gay boyfriend on today’s market.


7 Gift ideas for this boyfriend who has everything 

1. Say it with flowers. But don’t be boring. If he mentioned a passion for violets so many times, you have begun calling him obsessed, don’t send a dozen roses or he will think you never listen to him. You do listen, right?

2. Choose his favourite fragrance or go out on a limb and purchase something that’s new. Up your game with a coordinated mix of toiletries he finds irresistible. You don’t have to give us credit for your gift pick; tell him it was all your idea.

3. Feed him. This idea works every time. Whether it’s a bistro he frequents, or the new eatery food critics are raving about, make it his night. That means letting him pick the wine and order the dessert he craves.

4. Up your kink cred with outrageously lewd gay gifts for boyfriend. Literature works. DVDs, too. Make it a media basket filled with salacious stuff that begs to be unpacked and used. Immediately.

5. Bring a masseuse home. Make it a surprise—especially if the love of your life is always lecturing you on the topic of staying frugal. Present him with “His” and “His” towels as a clever extra touch.

6. Who says no to jewelry? Not your beau. Precious metals say more than words and bling will last for the entirety of your relationship. Don’t be a prig. If he lusts after gold, don’t buy silver.

7. Adopt a dog. Pick the breed he adores and for heaven’s sake, let him name the pooch. Supply the name of a certified dog sitter ready to pamper the dog when you two are away. Hate dog walking? We have one word of advice: Meow.


3 Gay Boyfriend Gifts For Passionate Travelers 

1. Book a surprise cruise destined to set sail from somewhere warm in January. Get married on board; it’s the ultimate gay gifts for boyfriend idea. Major lines like Celebrity Cruises authorize captains to perform same-sex marriages at sea.

2. Pair an Eiffel Tower lamp with airline tickets to the French capital. Sample le fromage and freshly-baked brioche on our behalf.

3. Share a panoramic ride across the U.S. by booking a train trip if you seek an off-the-beaten-track, affordable, gay gifts for boyfriend idea.


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