Backstage with misterb&b: a look into the world’s largest gay travel community

Are you a member of misterb&b community? An investor? Are you considering joining us in one capacity or the other? To give everyone some context on misterb&b, we thought we would go backstage and share a little bit about us to our community. So, we got in contact with some of the main departments at misterb&b to get the inside scoop on what they do, and why they love working for the company. Explore misterb&b, experience your pride.



Customer Service Department

Chances are you’ve probably had the most contact with the Customer Service team. After all, they’re the ones who ensure your accommodation experience with misterb&b is as seamless as possible. The Customer Service department is responsible for loads of different aspects, but in a nutshell, they answer all client requests in an efficient and qualitative manner through calls and emails. User satisfaction is key, and they keep track of this through follow-ups with our users.

You could also call our customer service agents class-A diplomats. They manage all kinds of claims and incidents according to our Terms & Conditions, and they assist users in navigating our search platform. Our Customer Service Manager, Adélaïde, believes her department represents client satisfaction, solutions, and efficiency, and we couldn’t agree more. And what does Adélaïde love most about working in Customer Service? Well she says:

“Being able to help a client deal with a problem they are facing, and find the best solution possible for them is always a challenge, and the best gift I get is to see them leave happy and willing to come back to us.”

Adélaïde, Customer Service Manager



Payment Department

Give a warm welcome to the payment department. We could say this department is misterb&b’s very own version of New York’s Wall Street, as they ensure everything related to payments is made a cinch. So what’s involved in a typical day in the Payment Department? Well, they process payouts for our hosts worldwide, they assist hosts with the registration of their bank account details, and they help travelers when it comes to the payment of their bookings. Impressive, right?

Payments and Trust & Safety Manager, Miluska, describes her department as proactive, customer-oriented, and caring, and she loves the fact that her team feels like a family who takes care of each other and the customers as well. And in terms of how Miluska feels about working for misterb&b specifically? She sums it up nicely here:

“I love the team! It’s such a great thing to feel motivated everyday to happily come to work. I feel as though the company really cares for us, so we can transmit that to our users as well.”

Miluska, Payments and Trust & Safety Manager



Trust & Safety Department

When you use misterb&b, we not only want you to experience gay hospitality in fantastic apartments across the globe, but we also want you to feel safe to be out, proud, and fabulous. This is where our Trust & Safety Department comes into play. They prevent fraudulent activity on our platform, they review users’ verification process to guarantee everyone on our site is legit, they defend funds when disputed with banks, and they verify users’ content reviews to make sure everything is clear and appropriate. Ultimately, these guys are our mini investigators who keep a check on everything related to misterb&b and our community.

In three words, Trust & Safety Supervisor, Andrés, describes his department as analytical, cautious, and proactive, and he loves working in the department specifically because:

“Besides the great team and environment, I love the fact that we keep the users and our company safe from people that try to do fraudulent activities in our platform.”

Andrés, Trust & Safety Manager



Legal Department

Ready to get your dose of law? Say hi to the Legal Department at misterb&b. During their busy schedule, our legal legends keep across the law and its evolution, and ensure that our hosts are constantly updated on any new legal requirements transpiring in their place of residence through regular email contact. For example registration number necessities, new city taxes, or anything else that could affect our wonderful hosts in legal terms.

Our Legal Advisor, Cedric, describes the Legal Department as high-tempo, diversified, and challenging, and as far as working for misterb&b he says:

“I love how the company is not afraid to offer autonomy and responsibility to young professionals. But what makes working for misterb&b totally unique is that we are not only co-workers, but friends caring for and supporting each other.”

Cédric, Legal Advisor



Marketing Department

Say hi to the Marketing Department. Our marketing wizards work round the clock to increase the exposure of misterb&b online and offline, and give you guys the best booking experience on our site and on our app. Through their stellar campaigns, they seek to attract new hosts on misterb&b in order to give the global gay travel community the widest and best selection of places to stay, and help them travel safely and with pride while on holiday.

Our Chief Marketing Officer, Anissa, describes her department as creative, flexible, and international, and concerning what she loves about working for misterb&b she says:

“I’m proud to work for misterb&b and help the LGBTQ community travel safely all around the globe and foster meaningful connections. The work environment is kind and fun, everyone is unique in the team, we really enjoy working together.”

Anissa, Chief Marketing Officer


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