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Host story: Friendships that will last a lifetime
Feb. 05 2017
by Saverio

Host story: Friendships that will last a lifetime
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What is the life like with hosting the gay community our short term rental service? Brian has a lot to share. His commitment towards the LGBT community is inspiring


It's fun! misterb&b really does feel like a community, and we're so happy to be part of it. Venturing in this experience not only gives you the opportunity to meet new people, it also allows you to grow as an individual. Listening to each other stories, having the willingness to share, it enriches you, it changes you. Also, of course it’s a chance to make new friends and this can be rewarding. 

We often go for dinner and drinks with our guests and try to show them our favorite spots in Cape Town. We've taken several guests on tours of the winelands and Cape Peninsula. It's always a blast driving down the gorgeous coast and sipping the Western Cape's finest blends with friends new and old.


What is your impression on gay guests? What do they like to do?


We're a diverse lot, so it all depends on the guests. We often show them Cape Town's best gay bars and clubs, but we also tell them where the best hikes and beaches are and encourage them to explore. We've met psychologists, flight attendants, journalists, artists and businessmen from more than a dozen countries. Everyone has a story to tell.


What is the best conversation you had with a guest?

Because I work on LGBT rights, I often ask guests about the local politics that affect their lives and communities at home. I've learned a lot from these chats, some of which has even helped my work and advocacy. I've learned how much I love opening my home to strangers! The friendships we've made through misterb&b will last a lifetime.



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