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Gay San Francisco
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If the gorgeous parks, hiking trails, and surf breaks haven’t tired you out, gay San Francisco provides great options to keep up your steady gym routine and to relax in calming spas. Indeed, finding a gay gym that San Francisco residents and visitors enjoy is important to those who want to stay in shape while visiting this bustling coastal city. The best gay-friendly options lie in the Castro and SoMa.

Fitness SF is a chain that offers many locations in the bay area, with gyms in both the Castro and SoMa. The gyms are bright, clean, decently priced, and much of the time feel like little gay meccas. If you want to be seen working out, Fitness SF gyms are the spot.

If you want to really get in a good workout – free of wandering eyes – Alex Fitness in the Castro has smaller crowds and short waits to get on machines and equipment. 

To practice swimming from Alcatraz to the city (!), 24 Hour Fitness has a large swimming pool for laps at a bargain price.

Soak it up in a spa

For great wads of cash, treat yourself to Equinox Pine Street for a range of spa services, yoga classes, and state-of-the-art equipment, all in a historical building.

On Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, Kabuki Springs & Spa offer a clothing-optional Japanese-styled bathhouses. Offerings from this highly-rated club include personal massages, a steam room and cold plunge (if you dare!).

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