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Gay Tel Aviv-Yafo
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Every man of legal age living in Tel Aviv must spend a minimum of three years serving in the army. Well, this might be a very good explanation for seeing so many guys with such hot bodies on Hilton beach! But don’t worry if you’re looking for a nearby gay gym Tel Aviv locals also hit the gym on a regular basis. In addition to working out in gyms, locals also hone their muscular bodies with different outdoor attractions too.

When looking for a gay gym Tel Aviv gym enthusiasts often head to Holmes Place. Located in the Dizengoff Center, this gym is close to some of the top attractions in the area as well as restaurants, nightclubs and bars too. Its location and the hot guys inside make this the top choice of both locals and tourists.

Space Tel Aviv Guy on Shenkin Street is another top pick. With state of the art equipment and some great and fun classes, it's no wonder why so many people make this gym a part of their daily routines. You may also want to head over to Pure Gym. Located right in the heart of the city on Ben Yuhuda, the gym offers all the equipment, features and amenities that you need. If you find someone you want to get to know a little better, you're just a hop, skip and a jump away from plenty of nightclubs and bars.

Why travel to a new city and spend much of your trip inside? You can burn just as many calories and see even more hot bodies when you venture outside. The promenade, which runs right alongside of the beach, is the perfect place for jogging or running, but you can also strap on a pair of skates and hit the trail. Hilton Beach, which is the predominate gay beach in town, sits right next to Independence Park, which is home to its own outdoor gym. Don't forget that you can burn calories while having some fun in the sun and water too. While locals love the Independence Park gay gym Tel Aviv locals also love snorkeling, scuba diving and swimming near the beach too.

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