Getting the Best Out of the W Retreat Koh Samui
Oct. 21 2015
by mister10

Getting the Best Out of the W Retreat Koh Samui

W Retreat Koh Samui, on the northern part of the island of Koh Samui, enjoys one of the most pristine beach locations in all Thailand. Here you can explore 9 miles of paradise in tropical island setting, where you get to enjoy private-pool retreats and a lovely tropical beach. Your night will be electrified by 6 bars and restaurants. It's a stunning destination for a gay couple on a romantic vacation, not to mention a gay honeymoon.

When you stay in one of the 74 all private pool retreats, you will have all the luxury and indulgence you could possibly ever ask for. Cutting edge and ultra chic design awaits your visit to the W Retreat Koh Samui. On top of that, you will get to enjoy stunning sea views. The staff is as elegant, discreet and efficient as you could wish for.

Spectacular Location and Impressive Outdoor Lobby

gay friendly W retreat koh samui

The hotel location is simply spectacular, located on atop a hill on a wide, long sandy beach found on the northern peninsula, at the place where Mae Nam and Bo Phut bays meet. The innovative architecture plus the alluring cutting-edge design vision is stunning.

Without a shred of doubt, the very remarkable, semi-outdoor lobby that has a lotus pond is among the leading hotel attractions and the most photographed part of the property. The lobby offers you spectacular views across the striking turquoise Gulf of Thailand plus a view of the distant islands on the far horizon. During the evening, the lobby bar gets wonderfully lively to become a fashionable, yet very intimate venue for you, your loved ones and friends. That said, beware of the (ultra) spicy popcorn served with the stylish cocktails!

The Amazing Rooms

The 74 very spacious rooms are available in seven classes that range from the jungle oasis to the extreme wow ocean paradise. All the rooms come with a large private pool, cutting-edge latest technology, and an oversized bathroom. The rooms are located either near the beach or on a hill that overlooks the sea. It will take you hours before you finish exploring each corner of your room, where every detail will make you smile (or scream hysterically even). The W hotels are fun to the last detail.

gay friendly W retreat koh samui

gay friendly W retreat koh samui

Eating experience

The food at W Retreat Koh Samui is simply excellent. The Kitchen Table will offer you mix up of major world favorites. In the morning, the stunning view over the sea will help you awaken while enjoying the incredible buffet. Hard to make a choice but you shouldn't miss the signature Thaï omelette. Close to the beach, the Namu restaurant serves you elegant Asian fare, with an innovative menu and a diversity of dining experiences, re-interpreting influences from around Asia and especially Japan. Try foie gras temaki sushi !

Beach Club Facilities

gay friendly W retreat koh samui

The Hotel’s Beach Club is the ideal pleasant spot for spending the day. Enjoy the swaying in a luxurious hammock or simply stretch out below a shade. The beaches here enjoy sunshine throughout the whole day allowing you to marvel and experience spectacular sunsets and sunrises. The side facing the east is very windy and forms one of the best spots for kite-surfing in Thailand. Thirsty or hungry ? Just press the button directly from your chaise lounge and enjoy your lychee mojito watching a local fisherman passing by at sunset.

And there's free ice cream everywhere!


The WOOBAR offers you a 270-degree Gulf of Thailand view as well as the nearby islands (which you can also visit sometime!). The unique design of WOOBAR allows it to get transformed from day to night, to become the ultimate destination for special W Happenings.

The Lovely GetAWAY Spa

This is the place where you literally get AWAY from the bustle, the W Retreat Koh Samui way. Here you can step into the extravagantly outfitted spa for complete renewal and total privacy. Nestled comfortably within 7 treatment rooms and 5 luxurious pavilions, the Spa blends vivid colors along with energizing lighting, imaginative sounds, inspiring scents, plus detoxifying potions that are laced with local popular flavors. 

Here you allow the natural healing therapies to set you ready for whatever they bring next. You can try the Thaimazcal® herbal sauna/steam experience, where you get to thoroughly enjoy an amazing thermal bath. This experience is inspired by the traditional Temazcal ritual from Mexico to purify and cleanse body as well as the soul. 

The WET swimming pool

At the WET, you can savor breathtaking amenities and the spectacular island vistas. The hotel’s inviting outdoor infinity pool goes further to amplify the mesmerizing tropical scene that you can enjoy as you relax on daybeds, enjoy an energizing drink, grab a gourmet snacks or a light healthy dish.

gay friendly W retreat koh samui

The W Retreat Koh Samui is, without any doubt, a great and luxurious resort, and indeed among the W hotels best. Everybody here is discreet and genuinely gay friendly throughout your stay. They will go to great lengths to ensure your holiday is a success and memorable. The members of staff at W Retreat do an excellent job. You can stop by anytime for that awesome experience. This place will take your breath away.

gay friendly W retreat koh samui

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