Host story: Host in Vancouver talks about the meaning of sharing
Dec. 02 2016
by Theo

Host story: Host in Vancouver talks about the meaning of sharing
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What is the life like with hosting the gay community on misterb&b, the gay short term rental service? Israel from Vancouver wants to share his idea that traveling is about a different experience, outside the tourist attractions. Here is his interview:

"I try as much as I can to hang out with my guests. More than a handful of times, I’ve been invited by my guests to go out with them and help them discover Vancouver’s gems. The inverse had happened when I have felt like inviting my guests to social gatherings so they get to experience their trip differently and get to know a different culture outside the tourist attractions."

"I’ve got too many great stories. However, I made very good friends with someone from Australia. We are still in touch through social media. He visited with one of his best friends who lives close to Vancouver and we are in touch often."

"There are so many interesting people that i have met. I once shared drinks with friends and these guests from Israel who were finalising their work in NY. Before going back home for their next work assignment they decided to see more of North America and I was fortunate to meet them. When chatting with them about their high profile job, it so happened that we had friends in common from Ottawa. Proof that the world is much smaller than we think." 

"I met someone who runs a bed a breakfast in Japan. He showed me the place he designed and how it used to be his home. After years of hard work, he decided he wanted to spend more time with his loved ones, so we turned this massive home into a state of art bed and breakfast. It’s booked almost all the time, but since he was so pleased with his stay at my place I got the chance to be able to book in advance."

What is it like hosting for gay community? 

"It’s got that sense of familiarity. People feel more comfortable around another gay man and of course, they get information about places to go that someone who is not from the gay community may not be able to provide.

I don’t see a difference between gay and straight guest. They all want to make the most of their stay, visit the hot spots or not so hot. Find time for themselves to relax and most of the times very curious about the local culture.

You can trust people. I’ve heard constantly about people not feeling safe if they had strangers staying with them, but after a few hours they are not strangers. Also, a lot of people had expressed how thankful to these type of sites, they can travel at a more affordable budget. They can actually spend more money in local businesses and doing more sightseeing."



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