DJ GSP (Xlsior Mykonos) : « Gay means happy! »
May 26 2014
by misterb&b

DJ GSP (Xlsior Mykonos) : « Gay means happy! »

Born in Greece, DJ GSP has become in recent years XLSIOR festival star DJ. Now based in London, he exports his tech and progressive house sound all around the world, with residencies in Athens, London, Vienna etc. He will headline XLSIOR festival in Mykonos this summer again. Watch this rising star in the international gay clubbing circuit.

The XLSIOR Festival in  Mykonos made you famous. What's so special about this gay festival?
DJ GSP : What is so special about this festival is the perfect combination of holidays and clubbing. The dream island of Mykonos is absolutely magic, with the crystal clear water beaches and the breathtaking views. As for the parties, XLSIOR brings the best European parties with the most amazing line up and performers. What makes it more special are the amazing venues of Mykonos. It's invaluable dancing at the main XLSIOR party in Cavo Paradiso Club on the top of the cliff, surrounded by the aegean see and after the fireworks to watch the sun rising up! The feeling is indescribable.

How would you define your inspiration, your music and your sets?
GSP : My inspiration comes from the crowd. I never use playlists and I’m inspired only by the moment and the crowd's energy and feedback! I really like to surprise everyone so I do my best every time I perform using various tools and well known vocals and especially old ones rarely used. These make the crowd go crazy.

gsp xlsior mykonos

How was it to grow up as gay in Greece? And how did you decide to become a DJ?
GSP : It was and still is not very conformable to come out of the closet. Until 23 I used to date girls. As for my passion DJing, I started playing music since I was 13 and got my first job as a DJ when I was 17 at a beach bar in a Greek island. And from 2011 I started exporting my sound abroad.

How do you feel about the gay clubbing scene right now?
GSP : In the last years due to everything happening in the world in economy, people are being more selective but the market is spreading a lot. This affects the gay clubbing but good quality brands and DJs will always be in the spotlight. The crowd is always the same, happy and having the time of their lives every time they party. Gay means happy!

You travel a lot, what’s your favorite gay-friendly destination and why ?
GSP : Obviously Mykonos for the reasons above. But after that is Madrid. I love this city, the vibe, the energy and the crowd.

Any idea on what songs will be this summer's hits?
GSP : Definitely some of new Michael Jackson songs, I’m sure there will be amazing remixes. Plus there are some amazing new productions from big producers coming up this summer including some of my remixes!

dj gsp mykonos xlsior


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