Gay Croatia: A Guide to a Summer Paradise
Feb. 13 2021
by misterb&b

Gay Croatia: A Guide to a Summer Paradise
Gay Croatia - Hvar © misterb&b

Croatia! The birth place of Nikola Tesla, the tie and the parachute. But, for sure, these are for not the reasons why you're planning on this being your next vacation spot! Known for having the cleanest waters, Croatia is currently one of the most desirable place to visit in Europe, partly thanks to being featured so heavily in TV series Game of Thrones.

But where should you visit while you're in gay Croatia and where should you stay? Here's our round-up of the top four Croatian hotspots to rest your head while you're visiting this beautiful country. From the best gay beaches Croatia has on offer, to dreamy sojourns in Dubrovnik, here's how to make your gay Croatia travel experience one to remember...

gay croatia dubrovnik


A place made beautiful by its 16th-century stone walls, it's an easy land to navigate by foot. Entering through the Pile gate will transport you to a wonderful spot to travel to for your honeymoon or your next Mediterranean cruise.

To add some culture to your adventure, visit Dubrovnik Aquarium and Maritime Museum. Wake up at one of the many hotels facing the Adriatic Sea. This is the land of history. It can get very crowded in summer, especially when cruise ships dock at the new port.

gay croatia lokrum


Places of interest:
Placa (Stradun) in the old town: A cobbled stone street where you can get local hand-crafted goods and a bite to eat.
Walk the walls Look down at the mortals below you as you get to see the city in full view (entry fee around 15 euros).
Old port Breakwater Porporela is said to be the place for lovers. Indeed, it's a popular place for couples to take long, romantic walks.
Buža I or II Two open-air bars cut directly into the rocks, facing the sea.
Lokrum island Ten minutes from Dubrovnik by boat, this is a hot spot and busy gay nude beach. If you are looking for the best of the best, this is THE gay beach Croatia should be proud of!

gay croatia zagreb 

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The capital of Croatia, where the gay community is thriving. With plenty of men-only saunas to rejuvenate yourself after exploring the country with Uroboros mountaineering club, or from checking out the nightlife. This is truly gay Croatia at its best. Spend your days exploring the city's main sights, before discovering the Croatia gay bars about town.

Places of interest:
Jarun lake A gay nude beach.
The upper town Don't miss this walk through the winding streets of Zagreb. It climbs a little!
Museum of the Broken Relationships
A unique museum revolving around the concept of failed relationships and their ruins.

gay Croatia split

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A sweet provincial town. In the center lays a complex known as Diocletian’s palace. It was erected (go ahead and giggle) in the 4th century by one of the last Roman emperors. Split is the second place to have its own pride day after Zagreb, proving that gay life in Croatia is out and proud in the main. We recommend checking out The Croatian National Theatre (built in 1893), or, if you're planning on visiting during the summer, check out the tunes at the Split Music Festival.

Places of interest:
The old town The entire city center is one huge historical site, with narrow, cobbled streets that  bring you right back to Roman times.
Marjan Hill It's a symbol of Split; the perfect place to take a break from the hectic lifestyle of the city, especially during the high season in July and August.
Academia ghetto club Not strictly gay, but gay-friendly.
Duilovo beach Sadly not one of the many places to get rid of a tan line, but has a cruising spot near by, so counts as a solid gay beach Croatia.
Kasjun beach Very cruisy hot spot, and one of the top gay beaches Croatia will show you.

gay croatia hvar

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A ferry ride can take you from Split to this island off the Dalmatian coast, where the main square (also the largest in Croatia) is paved in stone bricks. This is the place to rejuvenate yourself, take deep breaths of clean air and have it taken away from the spectacular green hills.

Take a hike up to Španjola Fortress; don't worry if the trip takes a bit out of you as there's a small eatery in the center of the fortress. Some parts have narrow streets taking you back in time. You'll want to rent a boat to explore the pristine coves of Hvar and the islands around. Or just watch the massive yachts in the port and hope to stumble into a visiting celebrity.

gay croatia Jerolim 

Places of interest:
Jerolim island A five-minute boat ride from Hvar Town, Jerolim is the most popular gay hot spot, with a very popular rocky gay nude beach.
Pakelni islands A sucession of coves and beaches, a few restaurants and beach clubs, to be discovered by boat.
Carpe Diem: A nice lounge bar out on the harbor where you can dance if you want to and leave your friends behind. They also have a beach, accessible by boat, day and night.


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Croatia isn't a gay utopia yet but it has been making great strides. While Croatia was ranked 17th in overall LGBTG rights out of 49 observed European countries by the ILGA (International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association), the country's active local scene, along with its history and unparalleled beauty make it a noteworthy destination to visit. Have fun exploring, learning, and making new friends in Croatia. ●



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