Host story Manchester: A positive force during your journey
July 01 2017
by Saverio

Host story Manchester: A positive force during your journey
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Our story this week is about one of the top gay destinations in the UK. Rafael is a host from Manchester and he shared his experience with us. He views misterb&b as a chance to be an explorer in your own comfort zone, in your own city. He's the life of the party and you can tell from his words he cares his guest enjoy Manchester as much as he does. Enjoy another great insight on hosting: 

I like the idea that hosting on misterbandb allows me to meet gay people from all over the world, I’m a passionate traveller myself so I genuinely want people to come and have an amazing time in Manchester.

Hosting for gay community is awesome and it's always lovely to suddenly read a really glowing and personal review and know that the time you took to make sure they made the most of their stay was appreciated. 

Most of my guests enjoy visiting famous Canal Street, which is exactly 1 minute walk from the apartment. Late sessions at the bars and clubs are not uncommon for my guests. I give them the freedom to come back whatever time they desire only if they promise to have the best time ever. Those who make to my Sunday breakfast table are more then happy to share sometimes rather sexy and funny stories. I love this type of guys. "Life is too short, so we should grab life by the b****" one of the guest once said. And you know what? I totally agree!

Not all of my guests are clubbing hungry. Some of them simply enjoy sightseeing. I like becoming a tourist in my own city and being a positive force in their overall travel experience in Manchester, so I join them. 

I enjoy eating out with my guest, discovering new restaurants but my favourite hobby must be live concerts. Manchester is famous for amazing music scene, and whenever I can, I always recommend gigs to my guests. Recently I hosted a couple from Australia and it was the time of the famous One Love Concert that made headline around the world, with superstars including Oasis, Justin Bieber, Robbie Williams, Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande and many many more. So what I did, I have emailed the guys the offer, they were electrified so I arranged some extra tickets for the boys and we all went out. It was the best day of my life!

Throught hosting on misterbandb I have certainly upped my game in office skills. I am like a machine now, responding to emails literally straight away. And I think this is what my guests like about me the most in the first place. The communication is the most important thing here. The rest is just the bonus. Looking forward to hosting some of you guys! 

Greetings from Manchester!




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