7 ways to be an awesome misterb&b guest!
Mar. 02 2020
by Calvin Holbrook

7 ways to be an awesome misterb&b guest!
Become the best misterb&b guest

Traveling with misterb&b is an exciting, cool and shared experience. But it’s also about trust and respect. When you stay with a host, they’re inviting you into their home and quite likely into their life. So, from simply saying thank you and respecting the rules, to sweet gestures of gratitude, here are 7 ways to be an awesome misterb&b guest and get yourself a glistening review.

1) Keep your host updated

OK, so you’re booked and on your way to your misterb&b. Woo-hoo! But if you’re going to arrive late, let your host know. If your flight has been delayed, your train canceled, or your camel just refuses to budge, make sure you text/call/mail so your host can make other plans. Also, before booking, it is polite to let your host know if you intend to turn up in the early hours: they may have to work the next day and may need to make alternative arrangements, for example, leaving a key outside. Not everyone's on holiday, y'know! ;)


2) Treat your host’s place like your own home


While some hosts set a small cleaning fee, that doesn’t imply you should treat the place like a hotel (yep, that means picking up your underwear from the bathroom floor!). It’s not a hotel, it’s their home and they’re welcoming you into it, so respect the surroundings. Treat the place like you would your own. So, if you’re using the kitchen, do your dishes after cooking (and maybe offer to eat together, too!). A simple gesture such a buying a bottle of wine to share can go a long way in terms of showing your appreciation for the host, and it provides an occasion to connect with one another. 


3) Respect the host’s privacy…

As guests, we’re all different: some of us prefer to explore the city alone, while others need a helping hand. misterb&b hosts enjoy giving advice, but remember: hosts are busy, juggling hosting, work and their own social lives. Most will be happy to help but don’t pressure them too much. Try to get a sense of what your host can and cannot offer (and, yes, that also extends to 'you know what' – never assume your host comes with the apartment so avoid putting them in an awkward situation!).


4) …and the house rules!

Before booking, check if your host has added specific house rules on their listing. Whether it relates to inviting other guests over, not cooking or playing loud music, or using a specific bathroom, make sure you know the score. Respect the neighbors, too: keep your volume down in stairwells and when coming back late… especially if you’ve had one too many!


5) Show your appreciation


Has your misterb&b host gone above and beyond to give you a wonderful stay? Or do you want to kick off your stay in a great way? Consider bringing a small ‘thank you’ gift from your country. But saying thank you doesn’t have to cost: even just leaving a sweet note or sending a postcard (yes, a postcard!) when you get back home will really make your host feel valued. It’s nicer than an email. Remember: it’s the thought that counts.


6) Tell the host if you think there’s a problem

If, for any reason, you’re unhappy with something, tell your host ASAP. The vast majority of hosts will bend over backwards to help their guests, but they can only do so if they know about an issue. Open communication is key, and it will result in a more positive experience for both you and the host. What you shouldn’t do is stay silent and then only mention it in your post-stay review. Talking of which…


7) Write an honest review 

Finally, it helps your host - and our global gay travel community - if you leave an honest review. If your host made your stay fantastic, say so. But, be honest: if for any reason you had a less than positive experience, say why in a constructive manner. Not only will it promote transparency on misterb&b, but it will also encourage your host to make respective improvements for the next guests.

The misterb&b community relies on reading honest reviews so they can make decisions about which hosts to book with and have stress-free travels. Taking just a few minutes to write a review can make a big difference! 

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