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Let’s get right to the point: today, we’re asking for your help. Please join our team of investors by participating in our Wefunder crowdfunding campaign (minimum investment: $100, approximately €85). The funds raised ( $140K+ to date, a heartfelt thank you to the 300+ participants!) will help misterb&b pass  this very difficult period, and vigorously bounce back as soon as travel resumes.

The Covid-19 coronavirus crisis hit us right when our growth was exceeding 20% per month, thanks to the addition of a large catalogue of LGBTQ-friendly hotels on our platform last December. Travel restrictions abruptly halted this growth, preventing us from reaching the break-even point and becoming profitable for the first time. For seven months now, misterb&b has been in hibernation mode with dramatic cost reductions, a hiring freeze, temporary unemployment, pay cuts, and the aid  of governmental and private relief funds.

Despite these efforts, and the partial return of our activity between June and September, we must admit that the months ahead are going to be extremely difficult. In our hearts, we do not believe that travel will resume for real before the summer of 2021. That’s nine  more months to go!

We hate to interrupt your day with this message, as we can imagine you have other things to read or do. But there you have it. If every person who opened this email, and could  afford it, joined our team of investors on WeFunder (minimum investment is $100, around €85), misterb&b could continue to thrive for years to come, and offer the entire LGBTQ travel community the opportunity to experience  a more welcoming world.

When we created misterb&b, many told us that it would never work, claiming  the “market” was too small. Yet, six years on misterb&b has grown to become the world’s largest LGBTQ-friendly accommodation booking site. Our teams (around twenty people currently) work tirelessly on a daily basis to offer you the best possible experience. By becoming an investor, you will show them how much their work means to you.

We imagine that most recipients will ignore this message. We just hope you take a minute to  think about the importance of a platform like ours in your life as an LGBTQ traveler. Imagine the next time you search for a LGBTQ-friendly stay, you realize that misterb&b no longer exists? This is not what we want, and we can imagine it’s not what you want either. We thank you all for your time and attention.

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Explore Gay-Friendly Copenhagen
May 29 2019
by Robert

Explore Gay-Friendly Copenhagen

André is a host living in the inviting city of Copenhagen. He loves meeting new people and is excited to explain how his city is the perfect starting point for anyone wishing to do some great sightseeing in the region. In Copenhagen you will find a wide range of entertainment, culture and shopping. You can bask in the continental atmosphere, and visit destinations such as the Royal Palace and the Copenhagen Zoo. The city has a long and rich history, but at the same time it is youthful, progressive and LGBTQ-friendly. This can be felt by the warm and open attitude of the locals. Explore Copenhagen, experience your pride. 



What does hosting for the gay community mean to you and why did you become a host?

Being gay and a solo traveler myself, I know how important it is to feel safe and at the same time have the eyes of a local to guide through a new city. misterb&b empowers us as a community, and gives us the opportunity to offer a safe and fun experience to fellow gay travelers.


© IG/bonvoyagecleo 


What is your level of interaction with your guests: do you hang out with them, do you show them around?

I hang out with them as much as I can. I don't always have time to show them around because of my job, but at least I try to hang out with them and/or hook them up with some of my friends.


In your opinion what attracts guests to your city?

Copenhagen is known for being one of the best cities in the world to live in. I think its architecture and green lifestyle attract a lot of people. Also being such a liberal and gay-friendly city.


© IG/travel.rock 


Do you keep in touch with your guests or has any of them come back to stay with you again?

I do keep in touch with most of them, and I have visited a couple of them. It all depends, of course, on how well you get along during their stay.



Give us 3 reasons why you recommend hosting on misterb&b

It is empowers the LGBT community - we look out for each other;

You get to live and hang out with a local;

You get to make new friends.




Why should a guest stay with you?

My apartment is located in the city, with easy access either by walking, cycling or taking the public transportation. It is big enough to host a single traveller or a couple, without feeling too cramped, so you can always have some "me time" if that is what you need.

I also have a good network in the city, so I can take you out and live the gay scene like a local, invite you to hang out with my friends, and have a fun experience out of your stay.


What makes a perfect host - or guest?

Someone that respects the other person, is flexible and gives the other person the freedom they need. Is engaged, but also autonomous.


© IG/karris_photography 


Thinking of visiting Copenhagen? Check out our Accommodations and Guide for this great gay city!  



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Heading to Copenhagen? Check out André's listing on misterb&b

Private room • Copenhagen
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Covid-19 Fighter • Wi-Fi • Clothing optional accepted