Gay accommodations in Nantes

Done Paris and Lyon, and looking for something new for your next gay holiday to France? Venture west to Nantes. The attractive city on the Loire is 213 miles south-west of Paris in the historic Brittany region. And while it may not have the same reputation as "the City of Lights," Nantes is just as pleasurable and postcard-perfect for all types of travelers.

France was the first country to decriminalize homosexuality back in 1791, and it remains a gay-friendly European stronghold. While the gay scene in Nantes may not be as vibrant as those found in other French cities such as Paris or Nice, gay and lesbian travelers can still enjoy the city’s mix of open bars and clubs, along with its gay accommodation options.    


Gay Apartments Nantes

With more than 1 million listings in 200 countries, and now most recently providing a curated selection of LGBTQ-friendly hotels, misterb&b is the obvious choice in terms of gay accommodation abroad. After you’ve enjoyed one too many cocktails at the two main gays bars in Nantes: Le Plein Sud and Le Ferry Bar, settle into your dreamy gay accommodation, and relax in total comfort. From private rooms by Place Graslin, entire apartments, and guest houses on Rue Kervegan, to cute boutique hotels and B&Bs near Place Royale, misterb&b gives LGBTQ travelers the freedom to choose accommodation that is best suited to their taste and budget.

Solo travelers can benefit from staying with a misterb&b host, who can not only offer them a private room in their own apartment, but also provide their inside knowledge on the best gay bars, restaurants, gay clubs, and top things to do in Nantes. Stroll along the quays of the River Loire and explore the Ile Feydeau by day, then retreat back to your apartment by night and share a meal with your misterb&b host. And who knows, maybe they will take you out to Le Plein Sud with their friends for some fun gay clubbing in Nantes.

Traveling with a group of friends, or traveling for business and in need of some privacy? Opt for an entire apartment. From cozy apartments in the city center, to two-bedroom places by the main train station, choose the perfect gay accommodation that fits your price point and occupency, and enjoy some independence in Nantes. You can appreciate designer accommodation, as well as all the amenities that come with having your own apartment, such as a fully-equipped kitchen, a laundry, separate bedrooms, and private bathrooms.   


Gay Accommodation Nantes

Along with designer apartments downtown, studios, and entire homes, there is also the option to book gay-friendly hotels in Nantes via misterb&b. Our curated selection is tailored to different needs and budgets, with everything ranging from airport hotels for the business traveler, budget hotels downtown, dreamy B&Bs, and full-scale five-star hotels for those seeking the wow-factor. A gay-friendly hotel is a great option if you are looking for some of the usual staples that accompany a hotel stay, including a fully-equipped gym, complimentary breakfast, free parking, and room service. So whether are traveling alone, for business, with a group of friends, or for a romantic vacation, find the ideal gay accommodation in Nantes with misterb&b, and experience your pride in the west of France.