VIDEO – Palm Springs White Party, final Fireworks
May 08 2014
by Marc Dedonder

VIDEO – Palm Springs White Party, final Fireworks

You have always wondered what a great night of gay clubbing is? Well, this video taken during the Palm Springs White Party latest edition in the Californian desert, on April 26, will help you understand...

You’re a gay clubber and you think the final fireworks at Waterpark during Circuit Festival Barcelona are the best thing in the world? Well, watch this video and you will start to think differently !

The White Party, « the largest gay dance music festival in the world », celebrated its 25th anniversary this year and promoter Jeffrey Sanker had seen it big, with a final 12 minute musical fireworks

Thinking of going to next White Party ? Save the dates : April 24-27, 2015

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White Party Palm Springs 2015 © Marques Daniels

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