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Host Story Chicago: Feel at home away from home
July 29 2017
by Saverio

Host Story Chicago: Feel at home away from home
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Saurin in Chicago provides a brilliant example of what hosting with misterb&b means. Providing care, concern, investing in quality time, delivering a great human experience. Make the most out of the gay community. arrive a stranger, leave a friend;


What's it like hosting for gay community? 

I feel a sense of pride that I'm able to open up my place and extend it to people within the community so that they can feel at home away from home and just be themselves. Hosting is my unique way of spreading love, accepting and embracing everyone. Love triumphs hate!


Do you spend time hanging out with your guests?

Always, if they are open to it. If not, I respect them and let them have their privacy.


What's the best conversation you've had with a guest?

I once had an expat couple who moved to Panama and opened their own B&B there. It was interesting hearing their take on what it takes to just wrap up, shift base to another country, start from scratch, socially, professionally and business-wise. So, it was interesting to say the least!


What's your best memory with your guest?

I always ask guests for their interests and then suggest options, restaurants, events, venues, etc. One of my guests who visited during summer had been to Chicago several times and checked out most museums and tourist spots. But then I learned that they liked orchestra music and what better than to introduce them to one of THE oldest outdoor music festivals in the country, Ravinia in Highland Park, IL (Northern Chicago suburb).

When I proposed it and showed them the calendar they were really intrigued by it and their challenge was how to get there. The city makes great arrangements to travel to and from the music park but they were an older couple and didn't want to take the suburban rail to get there. So one of them proposed if I were to drive them there, they would pay for the concert tickets and dinner. I took them up on the offer and to give them a traditional Ravinia experience, I packed the picnic blanket, candles, picnic basket with some hors d'oeuvres, cheese and fruits at home. We made a stop at a gourmet deli that specialises in food for outdoor events, picked up dinner, some wine, beer and cheese and got to Ravinia where we had an amazing time listening to Yo Yo Ma, a Cellist who performed with the CSO that night. The couple thoroughly enjoyed the evening and were glad that I introduced and drove them to the festival.

What interesting thing have your heard, and what new things have you learned since hosting?

Way too many things to list. But a friendly host means a happy guest, so be friendly, kick it up a notch or go the extra mile. What goes around certainly comes around, one way or another. 


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