Gay accommodations in Montpellier

Gay marriage through PACS has been allowed in France since the early 1990's, and in 2015 France legalized gay marriage nationally. While Montpellier has a healthy gay population, it pays to remember that the city is still buy and large a small one, so the scene may not appear as lively, open, or active as those found in Paris or Lyon. Don't be afraid to show affection or hold hands, but use caution at night in secluded areas. That said, the city is a great place to visit due to its diversity of architecture, culture, cuisine and landscapes.

While you will find the majority of gay bars in the historical center, there is no specific gayborhood in the city. Along the main avenues surrounding the Town Hall, you will find several gay bars Montpellier has to offer. They are loosely scattered, so keep an eye out for the rainbow flag. If you want to get a feel for the swanky side of Montpellier, head out to the beach bars along Carnon. It is here where you will find plenty of establishments that are gay-friendly, and they arguably offer the best LGBTQ scene when it comes to gay Montpellier. You can dance the night away in a VIP lounge with your best friends as you overlook the ocean in the best gay bars Montpellier.

One of the best places to wander in the gay area Montpellier is along the canals and Antigone district. This district feels like a dystopian movie with its high concrete buildings and fantastical structures. You can eat at one of the many cafes along the canal, or explore interesting local shops as well. If you can, visit some of the local wineries and see the wild horses of the Camargue.


Gay accommodation Montpellier

In terms of gay accommodation in Montpellier, there are plenty of options. Should you wish to acquaint yourself with local gay guys, pencil in a stay with a misterb&b host and enjoy a private room in their accommodation. Alternatively, if you are traveling in numbers or you just can’t go past a little privacy, opt for an entire apartment. Choose from studios, duplexes, villas, or full-scale apartments and enjoy a stay which is fit for a Queen! Go for something a little out of the city center, and you may even score an apartment with a private pool!

If a gay hotel in Montpellier better adheres to your idea of luxury, you’ll be pleased to know there are plenty of options on misterb&b, ranging from quaint boutique hotels, to lavish five-star gay-friendly hotels. As well as a welcoming service, enjoy all the usual staples that come with a hotel stay including free breakfast, room service, and maybe even a gym.