The 15 most famous gay influencers of 2018
May 24 2018
by Saverio

The 15 most famous gay influencers of 2018

Actors, models, youtubers, artists, gods of sport, and party monsters, these are the stars of the gay wall of fame. misterb&b was curious to know who you double-tapped the most on your IG, so we created this chart for the most famous influencers of 2k18.


Some of them love us just like you do!

Eliad Cohen never misses the opportunity to stay in a misterb&b, and lets everybody know while he's on tour. So does Mark E Miller, who recently traveled to Seattle - check out misterb&b's Instagram to discover the awesome wintery images he shared with us. 

So if you're ready to go mirror-mirror, here's the wall of fame of the most popular, followed and loved of them all! 


“The 15 most famous gay influencers of 2018 © misterb&b"


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