Pride Month 2014: the best pictures
July 07 2014
by misterb&b

Pride Month 2014: the best pictures

There are still a few gay pride parades and festivals to come, as in Amsterdam, Stockholm or Manchester. But let's say the most spectacular or most significant are now behind us. This is a good opportunity to revisit some of the most striking pictures that were shot during this pride month.

Tel Aviv

On June 11, for Tel Aviv Pride, the American Ambassador in Israël decides to raise the rainbow flag above the American Embassy in Tel Aviv. This very powerful picture enraged some of the most conservative groups in the US.
The Tel Aviv municipality had transformed its huge front into a giant rainbow flag, with hundreds of colored leds. A striking and moving scenery in the Telavivian night.


These gorgeous pictures come from Singapore. Pink Dot is an annual event that gathers every year thousands of people against the criminalization of homosexuality in Singapore. Another record was broken this year with 26,000 attendees despite the threats from religious groups ahead of the demonstration.


Despite a rainy and wintery weekend, Paris showed a happy face on June 28 for Pride with hundreds of thousands marching and claiming more rights one year after gay mariage bill was passed. And for the first time, the City Hall was decorated with rainbow flags.


Two years after London, the city of Toronto in Canada was hosting World Pride this year. A great mass wedding was celebrated in Toronto on the occasion of this 2014 World Pride, allowing 110 gay couples from around the world to officially tie the knot. After the parade, the participants had the chance to see a real rainbow over the city.


June has become "Pride Month" in the US. For many big companies, it is an opportunity to reach out to the LGBT community. This year, Starbiucks decided to raise the rainbow flag over its headquarters in Seattle. Last year, Starbucks CEO had told his shareholder that if they did not agree with the company's gay-marriage support, they could just sell their shares.

New York

Google is one of another friendly brands that took a stand this June, with a redesigned Google logo and a special branding for some of its pages.

San Francisco

San Francisco remains the gay "capital" of the world, with the Castro gay neighborhood and the memory of Harvey Milk. Gay pride, every last weekend of June, is one of the biggest gay events of the city, with Folsom Street Fair in November. This year, the city was blooming with rainbow colors, just like here at San Francisco International airport or at the City Hall.

Mexico City

Fiesta fiesta in the streets of Mexico City ! Every year, more and more people attend the Pride parade, almost one million this year. Gay marriage is legal in Mexico city since 2009.

Brighton (United Kingdom)

After Sydney, Los Angeles, Tel Aviv or Melbourne, the small British town of Brighton has become the first European city to have its own rainbow crossing. This rainbow crosswalk is only temporary, it should disappear after Brighton gay pride, on August 2.


Gay pride in Istanbul is probably the biggest gay pride in a muslim country. In Turkey, contrary to other muslum countries, homosexuality is not punishable by law.

New York City

The Stonewall riots took place in New York City in June 1969. It was the very beginning of the LGBT rights movement. Since then, we celebrate these events every year for Pride. This year again, the Empire States Building went rainbow for New York Pride.


madrid orgullo 2014

Gay Pride in Madrid is the biggest pride event in Europe. Almost 1.5 million attended the event on July 5, with 30 floats, including Misterb&b's, trying to make their way through the crowd. Madrid will host World Pride in 2017.

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