Worldpride in Toronto: gay weddings world record
May 09 2014
by Bastien Bluzet

Worldpride in Toronto: gay weddings world record

Toronto wants to break the world record of the biggest gay mass wedding during 2014 WorldPride. 200 couples are invited to celebrate their union on June 26, on the beautiful site of Casa Loma, a big mansion located in the city.

The event organisers want to take this opportunity to show Toronto as a city of equality and tolerance, and celebrate all of its diverse communities.

The ceremonies of the Grand Pride Wedding, will be celebrated by Christans, Muslims, Jewish and Buddhists officiants who will unite the hundreds of couples in the sanctity of marriage. For the occasion there will be no cost for the couples, as flowers, photographers and tents will be provided. Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly has declared : “The Casa is opening its doors and we are inviting all LGBTQ couples and two-spirited couples from across the Americas and around the world in love and commitment.”

The 2014 World Pride runs from 20 to 29 June. It will be the occasion for LGBT and straight peoples from around the world to discover the city and to celebrate together love, diversity and the queer culture.

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