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If you decide to visit a gay sauna in Paris, you'll find there's a wide range of choice. For the most popular gay sauna in the metro area, try Sun City. As you walk through the antique doorway and enter the large 3,000-square meter facility, you'll notice an Indian theme throughout the three floors of space.

Like most of the saunas in gay Paris, Sun City offers quite a few amenities, including a large swimming pool, steam room, sauna, Jacuzzi, private rooms, a lounge bar, dark room, video room and a gym. The cabins are free of charge (you can't rent a room like you do in other countries).

Another option, albeit with half of its space devoted to athletics, Gym Louvre promises a more athletic experience than what you would find it a more typical lgbt sauna Paris. Aside from the standard gay sauna, there's an ample amount of cardio and weight training equipment. Nearby lies IDM, another large gay sauna, with four floors and a lot of space for steamy encounters. It gets very busy on Sundays as it is one of the most popular in the gay sauna Paris scene.

Head north of central Paris

For a more international experience, try Key West, north of central Paris, where regular theme nights such as “Latin Lovers” or “Jacuzzi Party” take place.

Key West offers a lot of space, with 400 lockers and four floors of standard amenities, including a steam room, a large Jacuzzi, and even a hammam. Also north of the city center lies one of the longest-running gay saunas and one of the very few to stay open all night, Le King.

Try one of Paris' gay cruising clubs 

Head out in Le Marais and you'll get the chance to try Le Depot or L'Impact. Both cruise clubs offer plenty of space, bars and dancing. If you try L'Impact, don't be surprised when you're told at the entrance to put your clothes in a bag and to get naked.

Closer to the city center, you'll find two other gay cruise clubs, Bunker and Full Metal, both of which attract uninhibited guys who enjoy leather, denim and other fetishes. With stacks of gay cruise clubs, Paris is a strong competitor to Berlin as Europe's kinkiest capital!

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