7 LGBTQ+ Destinations Perfect for Solo Travelers
Apr. 20 2023
by Lachlan

7 LGBTQ+ Destinations Perfect for Solo Travelers

Traveling solo can sometimes be a scary prospect, but there are actually loads of benefits to exploring a new destination on your own. One of the biggest advantages of solo travel is the freedom to do what you want, when you want. You don't have to worry about coordinating schedules with friends, compromising on activities, or even having an argument over which gay club to hit up in the evening!

When traveling solo, it can also sometimes be easier to connect with LGBTQ+ locals and other travelers, be it organically in a fun local gay bar, through a misterb&b stay with a welcoming host, or even through our chat feature Weere

While traveling solo has plenty of advantages, there are some destinations across the globe that are more solo-traveler-friendly than others. So to give you a helping hand for your next independent trip, we've rounded up 7 great LGBTQ+ cities that will leave you feeling right at home in no time!


Sydney, Australia

Okay, depending on where you're coming from, you'll likely have to spend a lot of time traveling on the plane alone to get there - but that can also be fun. Catch up on all the latest movies and strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to you. 

But back to Sydney! Australia's largest city, Sydney is home to not only one of the world's most beautiful harbors, but also some of the world's friendliest locals! Sydney locals are known for their friendly and laid-back attitude, making it easy for solo travelers to make new friends. Hit up Darlinghurst, Paddington, and Surry Hills (the city's main gay areas) and connect with some LGBTQ+ locals in the area's great bars and cafes.  

Sydney is also a foodie's paradise, with a wide range of restaurants, cafes, and bars serving up delicious food and drinks from around the world. Solo travelers can indulge in a variety of cuisines and sample local favorites like seafood, coffee, and of course brunch - avo on toast is an Aussie staple! 



Reykjavik, Iceland

Love the idea of experiencing breathtaking nature in solitude, and finding your inner Zen? Head up north to Reykjavik! Known for its stunning natural scenery, the city is also recognized for being super LGBTQ+ friendly, with a small but lively queer scene. Reykjavik has an active LGBTQ+ community, and the city hosts an annual Pride festival that attracts visitors from around the world. Even outside of Pride season, you can enjoy several LGBTQ+ bars, clubs, and events, making Reykjavik a welcoming and inclusive destination for LGBTQ+ travelers.

Iceland has a progressive and inclusive culture, rendering it a welcoming destination for solo travelers from all backgrounds. The country is known for its friendly and hospitable people, making it easy for solo LGBTQ+ travelers to connect with locals and make new friends, be it in a bar, cafe, or even during a tour. 

Reykjavik is surrounded by some of the most stunning natural landscapes in the world, including glaciers, waterfalls, and geysers. Solo travelers can take advantage of organized tours to explore the countryside or head out on their own to hike, bike, or go whale watching.



Bangkok, Thailand

Looking for some solo indulgence with a relatively low price tag? Bangkok is a great compromise, and it's more LGBTQ+ friendly than you might think! The city has a growing LGBTQ+ community and numerous gay bars and clubs, as well as a vibrant street food scene and cultural attractions making it a great place to explore alone. In any case, the liveliness and charming chaos will keep you more than entertained!

Bangkok is an affordable city to visit, which means it's an excellent choice for solo travelers on a budget. Accommodation, food, and transportation are all relatively cheap, allowing travelers to stretch their budgets and enjoy all the city has to offer - we talking some fabulous meals in some local restaurants and of course some shopping!

Bangkok has a vibrant and varied nightlife scene, with everything from rooftop bars to night markets and street food stalls. Solo travelers can enjoy the city's nightlife at their own pace, without worrying about coordinating with others. Bangkok also has a thriving LGBTQ+ scene, with many bars, clubs, and events catering to the community should you wish to have a night (or many) out on the town with LGBTQ+ locals.



Berlin, Germany

Berlin is a fantastic destination for solo travelers, and while its infamously wild nightlife may initially be overwhelming, there are loads of other activities on offer should you not wish to hit the clubs. And even if, thanks to the open and inclusive atmosphere of many of the local clubs, you're sure to meet a new group of friends in no time on a night out.  

Berlin is known for its open and accepting culture towards LGBTQ+ individuals, with a large and thriving LGBTQ+ scene. Berlin is famous for its nightlife, with a diverse range of clubs, bars, and music venues to suit every taste. Solo travelers can enjoy the city's vibrant party scene without worrying about coordinating with others - will it be Berghain or KitKat? And when it's time to return home, you can settle into great LGBTQ+ accommodation - the city has plenty on offer through misterb&b! 

If traveling solo is a chance for you to eat what you want, when you want, then you'll be pleased to know the city is also tempting for food lovers. Berlin is a multicultural city, and its food scene reflects this diversity. Traditional German dishes like schnitzel, sausages, and potatoes are still popular, but Berlin's food scene has expanded to include a range of international cuisines, including Turkish, Middle Eastern, Vietnamese, and Korean. These international flavors can be found in many of the city's food markets and street food stalls, as well as in restaurants and cafes.



San Francisco, USA

San Francisco is a great city for solo LGBTQ+ travel, and is regarded as one of the most LGBTQ+ friendly cities in the world, with a vibrant queer community and a long history of LGBTQ+ activism. The city is known for being a safe and accepting place for LGBTQ+ travelers, with strong anti-discrimination laws and a culture of tolerance and acceptance towards the queer community. 

If connecting with LGBTQ+ locals is a prio while visiting San Fran, then you'll be pleased to know the city offers a vibrant and welcoming LGBTQ+ nightlife scene, with many bars, clubs, and venues catering to the queer community. The Castro District is particularly famous for its nightlife, but there are also many LGBTQ+ friendly bars and clubs throughout the city. 

San Francisco is also home to many important LGBTQ+ landmarks, which are perfecrt to explore as a solo traveler. These include the Castro District, which has been a hub of queer culture and activism for decades, along with the Harvey Milk Plaza, the GLBT History Museum, and the Pink Triangle Park. A trip to Dolores Park is also a fun activity - pack a beer and something to snack on, and enjoy the lively vibe under the sun with locals (many of whom will likely be LGBTQ+)!



Lima, Peru

Lima is a dreamy LGBTQ+ friendly destination for solo travelers who are interested in history and culture. The city has a rich history and is known for its museums and archaeological sites. It's also an excellent destination for foodies, with a thriving culinary scene. Peruvians are known for their warmth and hospitality, and solo travelers are sure to feel welcome in Lima. The city has a vibrant street life, with friendly locals and a lively atmosphere.

Lima is known for its incredible cuisine, which combines traditional Peruvian flavors with influences from around the world. The city is home to some of the best restaurants in South America, with a range of options to suit all budgets. Lima has a dynamic street food scene, with vendors selling traditional dishes such as anticuchos (grilled beef heart skewers), churros, and empanadas. The city's markets, such as the Mercado Central and the Surquillo market, are also excellent places to sample local delicacies and buy fresh ingredients.

Lima is generally a safe city for solo travelers, with a low crime rate and a welcoming atmosphere. However, as with any city, it's important to take precautions and be aware of your surroundings. In Lima, there is a growing LGBTQ+ community, with a number of bars, clubs, and queer events. The neighborhood of Miraflores is particularly popular with LGBTQ+ travelers, with several gay-friendly bars and clubs located throughout.



Austin, Texas

Pack your suitcase for one, and book a trip to Austin - it's amazing for a solo trip! The city is revered for its vibrant music scene, delicious food, and eclectic culture, making it a fun and exciting place to explore on your own. Additionally, Austin has several LGBTQ+ friendly neighborhoods, such as South Congress and East Austin, where solo travelers can find LGBTQ+ owned businesses and welcoming community spaces. On top of this, with great LGBTQ+ accommodation on offer with misterb&b, you can find your home-away-from-home in no time.

Austin is known as the "Live Music Capital of the World," and there are plenty of venues throughout the city where you can catch a show. From blues and jazz to country and rock, there is something for every music lover in Austin. The city is also home to many festivals and events throughout the year, including the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival, Austin City Limits Music Festival. 

Exploring a city's local food scene on your own can sometimes be a little unnerving, particularly if you don't like the idea of sitting at a table for one in a restaurant. This is why Austin is a great shout - the food truck scene is one of the city's most popular and unique culinary offerings. Food trucks can be found throughout Austin, serving up a variety of cuisines from all over the world. Naturally they're a convenient option for solo travelers, as they offer quick and affordable meals that can be enjoyed on-the-go - plus the food is delicious!  



Feeling inspired? We hope so! Traveling alone can be a truly enriching experience, and knowing the right places to go will make your time all the more special. So will it be San Francisco? Maybe Reykjavik? Plan your upcoming solo trip with misterb&b today, and experience LGBTQ+ hospitality with a difference.


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