Host Story: Paris actor talks about meeting people and diversity
Mar. 25 2017
by Theo

Host Story: Paris actor talks about meeting people and diversity
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What is the life like with hosting the gay community on misterb&b, the gay short term rental service? Olivier is a theatre actor whose idea of hosting is more about having chance to people. What a great thought! Let's hear what he has experienced so far:

"In less than a year I’ve received more than a dozen guests. I don’t really do it for money but more for the fun of meeting people I would have never met otherwise. People from outside of Paris, outside of France, so different ages, different cultures or social backgrounds.

When my guests arrive at the end of the afternoon - if I don’t have anything planned - I often offer them to have diner with me and share a meal at home, we then open a nice bottle of wine and always have funny and interesting talks. Sometimes we go out together in a bar and hang out, even party sometimes; once I invited one of them to come and see a theatre play with me as I had 2 tickets.

My best memory was receiving a guest who became a friend and whom I’m still in touch with. We were about to have dinner at home together when by surprise popped out 3 friends of mine with beers and stuff… We finally had dinner the 5 of us together and after went out all together to make him visit the Marais at night. It was real fun.

I realized one ends up hanging out with people who look alike and can sometimes forget about the diversity of our world; thanks to misterb&b I’ve met lots of different people from all across the world who tought me so much about all kind of topics: music, food, spirituality, politics, arts, industry etc…

I couldn’t say which one of them was the most interesting: all the guys I’ve met thanks to misterb&b were interesting, the meeting itself is interesting."


What is it like hosting for gay community? 

"I am definitely sure that the fact of hosting an other member of the gay community contributes to this magic experience; you know you won’t be judgemental about lifestyle, your guests can feel at ease and be themselves and even if we don’t have the same point of view about everything we have this part of us which is alike and comprehensive. It helps with communication, with sharing and learning about life.

As we have a few centers of interest in common we can do lots of things together, not only « gay things », we can just seat and speak and meet, go out, to the movies, to the theater, to the restaurants, hang out in bars or clubs as I did.

The best conversation I had with a guess was about spirituality, conscious, philosophy and love. One subject leading to an other we started sharing our experiences and little knowledge and as I learned after (I like keeping in touch with my guests) both went on deeper on his own path.

I guess the most important thing I’ve learned by hosting people was to open myself to others, to accept anyone as they are, to learn to have the patience and the curiosity of discovering the human soul inside anyone. I’ve spent a great time learning to get to know people I wouldn't have met or spoken to if I wasn’t hosting them. I’ve also learned how lucky I was to have the life I have, living in an open-minded city with a big community well integrated, which is not the case everywhere! I’ve also learned I was part of a worldwide community."



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