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7 smart ways to boost your listing on misterb&b

May 22 2018
by Calvin

7 smart ways to boost your listing on misterb&b

Having your accommodation listing show up top of the misterb&b search results can feel like getting that elusive first-page result in Google. Success! Reliability and trust are key traits of misterb&b’s most successful hosts, but there’s also a science behind our search algorithms. Follow our seven smart ways to boost your ranking on misterb&b to ensure your listings attract more views – and bookings!

1) Fill out all the listing details

Put yourself in a potential guest’s perspective when making your listing: would you book a place if the listing didn’t have pictures or a half-complete description? No, us neither! If your listing is incomplete, it won’t be seen by many people. Be sure to include high-quality images, a description, the list of amenities, conditions, etc.


2) Get snap happy

Make sure your pictures show off your space in the best light (literally!). Although great pics won’t improve your search ranking directly, it will help. That’s because your images will be someone’s first impression of your place and determine whether they click on your listing or maybe save it as a Favorite. Increased clicks and saves as Favorites will help to boost your ranking: try to include at least ten pictures of your home.



3) Don’t reject reservations

The more reservations you accept, the better your ranking. Of course, you have the right to accept/decline guests, with factors such as length of stay, potential compatibility and calendar clashes influencing whether you accept a reservation or not. However, in misterb&b’s spirit to build a welcoming community, if you continually decline or ignore requests, you’ll suffer in the listing rankings.


4) Never cancel bookings

If you’ve already accepted a booking with a guest and then later cancel it, aside from the possible financial penalties you could face, it could harm your rankings in search results. Cancelations – especially last-minute ones – cause stress and extra work for guests and won’t reflect well on you as a reliable host. So, if you accept a booking, stick to it, unless it’s an emergency situation.


5) Respond to messages: fast!

Don’t leave guests’ messages/requests answered: if you do, it makes life harder for them and it will also affect you, too. The faster you reply to a message, the better: never leave it more then 24 hours. misterb&b values the effort of hosts who reply quickly and keep their calendar updated. Active and reliable members are naturally ranked higher! ;)



6) Ask for reviews

Positive reviews are a key factor to help you. The more reviews you can gather – and the better they are – the more it will boost you ranking in misterb&b’s magical search engines. Encourage guests to leave a review. Be supportive during their stay and try to accommodate any additional requests, and they will be happy to spare a few minutes to sing your praises.


7) Be new... and offer a discount!

With more and more people joining the misterb&b community every week, we aim to showcase some of our brand new listings at the top of search results. If you’ve newly created a listing, you have the choice to offer a 15% discount off your place to gain some more attention. This will hopefully result in a first booking for you, leading you on the path to many more ahead! Happy listing! ●


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