Gay tourism today: interview with Andre Fisher, MixBrasil founder
May 30 2013
by Julien Chadeyron

Gay tourism today: interview with Andre Fisher, MixBrasil founder

What are the top gay destinations today and which will be next? How do gays travel nowadays? What about gay tourism today? As summer is coming, decided to ask these questions to a few professionals who know this market by heart. Third meet founder, André Fisher. is a Brasilian gay web media.

"Why did you decide to launch your website? What is the concept?
It was in 1994 and it started as a meeting point for people who went to MixBrasil Festival the previous year. It rapidly became the most important source for gays and lesbian in Brasil.

According to you, what makes a destination gay-friendly?
Not much. Basically being tolerant.

How has the gay travel market evolved in the recent years?
Has it?

What has changed in the gay travellers choices of destination?
The obvious destinations are not appealing anymore, people, specially gays, want to have the sensation of "discovering" a new city

What is, for you, the most gay-friendly destination today?
Tel Aviv

According to you, which city or country could become THE next gay spot?
Northern Brazil

What destinations would you recommend for our readers next vacation?
Istanbul, Reykjavik, El Calafate, Noronha

Is there a country you regret that it’s not being gay-friendly enough?

Where do you plan to spend your next vacation?
Biking in Normandie and Oslo after that.

What is your dream destination?

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