Best in LGBTQ Travel 2022
Jan. 01 2022
by Lachlan

Best in LGBTQ Travel 2022

Ready for your travel bug to bite back? While the current situation calls for caution, we are still excited about a whole lot of LGBTQ travel to come in 2022. To feed your hungry travel bug, we’ve crunched recent misterb&b data to determine what’s hot in LGBTQ travel for 2022. From long-time favorite gay cities and countries, to more off-the-beaten-track destinations, get inspired with our top LGBTQ travel picks of the year and dust off those passports for plenty of adventures in 2022. 


Best in LGBTQ Travel 2022: Top Cities 



We’re sure you’re as unsurprised as we were to see Barcelona featured in our list of top LGBTQ cities for 2022. Nevertheless, it's included for good reason. With great weather, amazing food, and an LGBTQ scene to boot, Barcelona is an obvious choice for those seeking relaxed fun in a super open-minded city. While Eixample (Gayxample) is Barcelona’s main gayborhood, several LGBTQ bars and clubs can also be found in the slightly grittier El Ravel district, which is located just down from Eixample, closer to the beach. Home to a vibrant Pride which takes place each year in June, experience your pride in epic proportions for 2022 in Barcelona. 

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Wilton Manors 

Wilton Manors is famous for many things! Firstly, it features in our list of best in LGBTQ travel for 2022. But along with that, Wilton Manors is South Florida’s most famous gayborhood. With a very active gay scene, it understandbly ranks in position two after Provincetown in terms of the number of same-sex couples per capita in the USA. If that’s not enough to convince you, surely its dreamy coastal location and its relaxed, open-minded vibe will cement it as a top destination to visit in 2022. Head to the city’s main drag, Wilton Drive, where you can catch up on the latest gossip at one of the many gay-owned bars, restaurants, and clubs.   

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©Flickr/Ted Eytan

Locally, Madrid and Barcelona are considered rival cities, but we like to play fair, so we’re of course including Madrid in our list. Fair or not fair, Madrid stands its ground alone as a top LGBTQ destination to visit any time of the year. After all, it is home to Europe’s largest Pride, so it’s obviously doing something right for the LGBTQ communtity. Most gay life can be found in the rainbow-clad Chueca district, which is conveniently located in the center of town, and even more conveniently home to loads of gay bars and clubs, where you can be acquainted with the local guaopos!   

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Already shopped in Paris and drunk wine in Bordeaux? Well we’re inviting you down south to Marseille for something a little different. While Marseille sometimes gets a bad rap for being a little rougher around the edges than it’s neighboring French cities, we’re all about the grunge! Even though Paris is home to the country’s largest LGBTQ scene, the alternative pulse of Marseille can be found in the Cours Julien district, to the north of the city. Here, graffitied walls give way to heaving bars and vibrant squares, with a diverse mix of locals filling the streets come evening. For great cocktails and an even greater crowd, head to the uber-cool, Le Pulse, which is conveniently located on Cours Julien.    

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We don’t need to tell you how great San Fran or NYC are for LGBTQ life, but we do need to tell you that Orlando is too! Surprise or no surprise, Orlando is home to one of the most active LGBTQ communities in the country. Following the Pulse Nightclub tragedy of 2016, the community has become even more united, and remains committed to inclusivity and diversity. Excellent weather, a cosmopolitan vibe, and a distinctly Latin flair have put Orlando on the map for LGBTQ travel 2022, so now you just need to find the perfect misterb&b apartment or LGBTQ-friendly hotel to stay in, and you’re set!  

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©FB/Delice Dream Eden Beach Club

Torre where? You might ask. While Torremolinos may sometimes fall in the shadows of its larger Spanish counterparts like Barcelona, Madrid, or even Sitges, this seaside town on the Costa del Sol has cemented itself as one of Europe’s hottest LGBTQ destinations - in every sense of the word. As well as being home to the popular Delice Dream gay party, which usually takes place in April, Torremolinos promises plenty of LGBTQ life year-round. During the day, work on your tan (weather permitting) at the popular gay beach, El Gato, then as night falls, head to the city’s gayborhood, La Nogalera. Here you will find many gay bars open throughout the night, including local hits, Vida Bar and La Nuit

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Familiar with Phoenix? You should be! If you’re looking for a vitamin D fix, add Arizona’s capital to your 2022 travel list; the city boasts roughly 300 days of sunshine per year! So as well as packing your best shirt, be sure to bring along plenty of SPF and some sexy shades! In terms of an LGBTQ scene, our pick is the Melrose District, which you’ll find between 7th Ave and 7th Street and Indian School and Camelback Mountain roads. For the area's best gay bars and clubs, be sure to consult our dedicated city guide to Phoenix so you can bookmark your faves and meet some Arizona locals!  

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While Italy’s senate recently rejected a bill which would have banned anti-LGBTQ violence and discrimination nationally, the local LGBTQ community remains positive and united, just as we remain passionate about visiting Italy. While Milan is home to the country’s largest LGBTQ community, we’re smitten with Rome for 2022 travel. If you’re a die-hard foodie, Rome is the city for you. Local dishes like carbonara and amatriciana dot most menus across the city, and relatively low prices will keep your wallet singing well after your trip. The city’s gay street, Via San Giovanni in Laterano, is located in the shadows of the Colosseum, and offers a series of gay bars serving great cocktails, by great bar staff! See Italy’s LGBTQ organization, Arcigay, for a detailed guide on what’s hot in the city when you visit. For more on Rome, see our Gay Bucket List to the city.      

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Quiz time. Where is the oldest gayborhood in the US? Answer: Chicago. Boystown has many claims to fame, and it is worth making a trip to Chicago for a visit here alone. Along with being the first officially recognized gayborhood in the US, Boystown is also home to the award-winning Legacy Walk. Running down Halsted Street from Belmond Avenue to Grace Street, Legacy Walk is the world's only outdoor LGBTQ history museum, which pays tribute to LGBTQ icons and historical events through a series of bright monuments. Happen to be a hipster personified and looking for something a lil' more alternative? Head on over to Boystown's slightly edgier step-brother, Andersonville. Here you'll find a more alternative LGBTQ scene, with everything from dive bars to record shops and vintage outlets. For more on Andersonville, have a look at our round-up of Top Gayborhoods in North America.  

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When it comes to Greece, Santorini and Mykonos may sometimes steal the limelight, but we're here to remind you that no one puts baby (Athens) in the corner! A bit of a concrete jungle - where many dreams are definitely made of - Athens ticks a lot of boxes: great food, great weather, great history, and a great LGBTQ scene. While the Orthodox Church still reigns strong in Greece, and LGBTQ people often face pressure from their families, the tide is beginning to shift with local lobbying groups and an increasingly open scene. Although Athens does not offer an identifiably cut-out gayborhood, many of the city's gay bars and clubs are scattered around the Gazi neighborhood. Come June, Athens also hosts its annual Pride which is gaining more and more momentum each year. 

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Best in LGBTQ Travel 2022: Top Countries











Best in LGBTQ Travel 2022: Top Gayborhoods

The Village, Toronto

Chueca, Madrid

Hell's Kitchen, New York

Dalston, London

Andersonville, Chicago

Le Marais, Paris

Neuköln, Berlin

Eixample, Barcelona

South Beach, Miami

Zona Rosa, Puerto Vallarta 

So whether you plan to dance the night away in Dalston, London, or you'd rather take things down a notch with a relaxing getaway by the sea in Marseille, experience your pride for 2022 with our curated list of what's hot in travel for the year. We know you've been missing travel, so make 2022 the year you let your travel bug bite back! If you have any suggestions on other destinations or gayborhoods to feature, send us an email at stories@misterbandb.com, we'd love to hear from you.   

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